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Koenigsegg Gemera - the future of automotive design?

Posted on March 03 2020

Koenigsegg Gemera - the future of automotive design?

The Koenigsegg Gemera debuted today, bringing forth a slew of new technical applications and stunning design queues. Briefly describing this car is certainly a disservice, but lets take notes:

  • World's first Mega-GT
  • Four Seats
  • Coupe styling
  • Hybrid electric drive, 1700hp combined, 3 cylinder twin turbo
  • 1 : 2.4 power to weight ratio
  • Freevalve technology, Miller cycle 
  • Emphasis on extreme performance 
  • Emphasis on extreme efficiency


Christian von Koenigsegg has long since been a forerunner in brilliant technical advancement. The Regera introduced the KDD, a gearless transmission allowing a 248mph top speed and blistering acceleration by combining electric motors and a direct-drive twin turbo V8. Click here for The Drive's great interview with CvK himself about how it works.

The cars coming out of Ängelholm are polarizing - perhaps form following function leads the way. They have, however, followed a formula: flawless hypercars with relative disregard for anything other than perfect engineering.

The Gemera breaks the mold, while still hitting all the marks: introducing an entirely new class of vehicle loaded with new technology, while showcasing an environmentally-friendly, fuel-driven hybrid powerplant.

Sasha Selipanov is the Head of Design for Koenigsegg, a more recent addition to the team. This is his first Koenigsegg he's designed. Kudos to him for steering this project - four seat supercars essentially did not exist until today. It's just that you'd never visually expect that from the visual design of this car. From an interview on their site:

"So, when you see the Gemera driving down a road, the first thought that comes to mind is, ah – that’s an extreme mid-engine performance car – with two seats.
Then as the Gemera pulls up, its massive B-pillar-less doors fly open – just then and not before it becomes apparent that it’s actually a true four-seater for four fully grown individuals. That’s the surprise factor. It’s a have-your-cake-and-eat-it kind of car."
You see this roll up:
Of course, it breaks your neck.
But then the doors open:
gemera doors open
and THIS is what you see:
koenigsegg gemera interior


It is then, you realize, four adults and their luggage are enjoying this.

On the powertrain front, they've named it "Tiny Friendly Giant", for its compact size, incredible efficiency, and unbelievable power. Lets dive in:

The TFG is a two-liter, three cylinder, traditional fuel and second-gen fuel capable engine with Freevalve technology. Freevalve technology allows independent control of each cylinders intake and exhaust valves. Offering nearly infinite control options, Koenigsegg partnered with SparkCognition, the worlds leading Artificial Intelligence company, in order to create software to manage the massive parameter range. This allows maximum performance, efficiency, safety, and reliability with low fuel consumption, compact packaging, and low manufacturing cost. The Freevalve system adds many more variables to address, such as NOx, CO2, consumption, hydrocarbon emissions, non-methane organic gas emissions, all while targeting optimum power and torque during a single cycle. 

However. This is -exactly- what Christian and his lab of mad scientists love to do: solve problems with intelligence and grace.

As a result, we end up with a 600bhp engine pumping out 440tq, that would fit in an airline carry-on bag. Fuel efficiency is 20% better than a modern 4cyl of the same displacement. Thanks to the controllable valve tech combined with their own cylinder deactivation variant, the system heats up catalyst components and reduces cold start emissions by 60%. That range is traditionally, where the MOST pollutants occur in a modern engine. Essentially, they pre-heat the air and fuel to replicate the conditions that yield cleaner emissions. Here's a wild one:

"When running the TFG on renewable alcohol fuels – there are virtually no particulates produced and in many “normal” environments the TFG consumes and burns more particles from the surrounding air than it produces, thereby actually cleaning the air."

This would read like science fiction if stated a few years ago. Yet Koenigsegg goes out of their way to showcase exactly how far science and technology can take you. 

Adding to this, is a patent-pending two-stage dual-turbocharger setup, where all 6 exhaust valve flow paths can reach each or both turbo, with independent control. During low rpm/high request/load, one of the two valves per cylinder will direct full airflow to the first turbo, providing maximum spool. When appropriate boost targets are met, the second valve on each cylinder opens and flow is directed to begin spooling the second turbo. This eliminates any perceivable lag, and offers a linear power delivery across the range.

It rocks an Akrapovič exhaust system (a brand we carry/install/love) as well, and offers an "evocative and deep-throated growl" from that tiny package.

There's literally no drawback to this crazy power, incredible efficiency, and cleanliness. I mean, aside from it being placed inside a multi-million dollar hypercar. I digress.

If you're down for a longer read, tackle their site directly. It's brilliant.

I could wax philosophical all day about the design and packaging of this specimen. However, it tells its own story



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