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So you're ready to get your car tuned, but you've got no idea how it works.

Well, come see us!

This will help.

Stage 1: A software upgrade that requires no hardware changes. Perfect for a stock car. Gains can range from 50-115hp depending on engine.

Stage 2: Starting from Stage 1, this requires the addition of a higher-flowing catalyst assembly. This typically nets additional power, while reducing engine bay temperatures. If you purchase an APR exhaust component to achieve this, it will include a waiver of the stage 2 software fee. You can see gains of 10-50hp here, over stage 1.

KO4, IS20/IS38, RS7 - this refers to replacing your factory turbocharger with a larger, but still OEM turbocharger. An excellent cost-effective power gain. Often benefits from additional hardware in regards to performance and consistency.

Stage 3: This requires the replacement of your factory turbocharger/supercharger with an aftermarket unit larger than any stock options. Definitely requires supporting hardware, and frequently suggests 'building' the engine, to support maximum power. Often sacrifices some ease of drivability in exchange for performance gains.

Any of these with a "+": Infrequently, you'll see dedicated 'Stage 1+' or 'Stage 2+' files - this means there's a specific file available to take advantage of an additional hardware component. 

Most software flashes (term for installing software) take about 30 minutes. 
That's super easy. You can call and schedule an appointment, or just stop by. Feel free to hang out and shoot the breeze with us. We do not charge labor to install these tunes, so it's just the tune plus tax.

In some older cases (early 3.0T, 2.5T), the ECU (cars computer) will need to be removed and flashed with some specialized hardware provided to us by APR. This takes about an hour. An appointment is best for this service. Certain vehicles may be subject to an install charge. If you swing by and this is the case, we'll let you know before we jump in!

Some newer cars with the MG1 ECU (B9 S4/S5/RS5) will need the ECU removed and sent to APR. This process does not need an appointment, but you will need to leave the car. The best days for this are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as this allows the ECU to be shipped overnight both ways. A vehicle dropped on Thursday or Friday won't have the ECU back until Tuesday or Wednesday respectively. These scenarios will have a $150 charge for shipping, but still no labor charge for installation.

Here are some common vehicles and their upgrade guides:

  • 2015+ Golf 1.8T, Sportwagen, Alltrack
  • 2015+ GTI, Golf R, Arteon
  • 2015+ Audi A3, S3, TT
  • 2010+ Audi S4/S5/SQ5
  • 2012+ Audi A6/A7
  • 2013+ Audi S5/S7/RS7

Your car not listed? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Email us and we'll break it down for you!

If we can get this much power from tuning, why don't they do it from the factory? 

Well, that because with modern cars, you can build 'headroom' into the design. Essentially, manufacturers have found it better to build a powerplant that isn't maxed out immediately. It means that every few years, the new version of a car can get a light power bump, without them retooling the entire production line. Here's an example:

  • The Audi 3.0T Supercharged V6 was introduced in 2009 (C6 A6), and is still in production (Gen 2 Q7).
  • Available in about 6 power levels from 268hp (A4 in the UK) up to 365hp (US SQ5) from the factory.
  • There are no differences between the motors- it's just software changes.

APR does the same thing- we just learn how high we can take that power safely, and then use that software. Frequently we find limitations in hardware and cooling, so replacing those allows us to go beyond standard power levels safely there, as well.