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Paint Correction

Paint Correction – commonly referred to as buffing, polishing, etc. – is the method to remove imperfections in your vehicle’s clear coat.

Our team is highly skilled in paint correction techniques to remove imperfections in your vehicles finish and restore your car to a like-new condition.

Using our arsenal of world-class tools, a wide variety of automotive compounds and polishes, and our perfected technique, we can repair and restore your vehicle’s finish to its former glory.

Removing defects from your vehicle’s clear coat will enhance the gloss, clarity and depth of the finish, and in many cases make the vehicle look as good as –  or often better than – the day you purchased it. Correction is highly recommended prior to the installation of any Ceramic Pro package.

With different paints and clear coats being used from manufacturer to manufacturer, some vehicles will require more correction than others to receive similar results. You can trust our technicians’ experience and our unwavering quality standards to achieve your vehicle’s optimum finish. Stop by any time for a quick consult, or schedule or more in-depth review.