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Wheels for Shawn

Hand picked! These wheels have fitment for the new truck. Almost all of these are available in some variant of black. Some are satin, some are gloss, things like that. We can pretty much do any color or finish you want on most of them, a few of these would carry an extra charge. 

Prices are per wheel. Vossen has the best lead times at the moment, but I'll pull some additional brands as well. If you want to save any of these, like if you narrow it down, just add one to the cart, and start checkout. When you get to the payment part, just bail. I get a notification that you've abandoned the cart, and can see what wheels you had in it. Then I can get a formal quote and lead time, and discuss colors and such with you.

Also my first time trying this out, haha, building an entire page on the website for ya. Lemme know what you think!

M-X4T 3pc