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APR Ultracharger for B8/B8.5 Audi S4/S5

$1,199.99 USD

The APR Ultracharger System dramatically increases horsepower and torque, and maximizes the power potential of the 3.0 TFSI. It removes a massive pre-supercharger restriction, allowing uninterrupted airflow into the supercharger for up to an astonishing 542 HP with APR’s Supercharger and Crank Pulleys. Stunning carbon fiber and smooth cast-aluminum adorn the system, creating a clean and simple install that looks just as powerful as it is. Finally, APR’s innovative Ultracharger ECU Upgrade delivers a smooth and exciting driving experience, and it is included as a free upgrade to all who own an APR Stage II ECU Upgrade.

This product MUST be installed at an APR dealer as the vehicle will not run if installed without the appropriate software file. The car will also not run on the Ultracharger file without the Ultracharger. 


This product is designed for use with APR’s Supercharger Drive and Crank Pulley Upgrades, APR's S Tronic TCU Upgrade, included NGK BKR9EIX plugs gapped @ .024” +/- .002” torqued to 30Nm., and the APR Supercharger Cooling System. IAT’s must be below 75c to achieve the advertised power figures. A high flow intake system is highly recommended and an intake is required to meet the advertised power figures. For the best results, APR recommends removing the intake snow screen. At these power levels APR does not recommend use of the factory catalyst. The APR Ultracharger ECU Upgrade MUST be installed before starting the engine.