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B9 Q5 Intake (2018+) for 2.0T Audi Q5

$296.00 USD

*also fits 2021+ facelift models*

Welcome. Seen here is an audaciously green example of our B9 SQ5 intake system. It's in an dirty engine bay because I installed it in 6 minutes for a very excited client, outside, mid Polar-Vortex. Fitment on the Q5 2.0T in regards to install is the same.

Kits ship in standard wrinkle black, inquire via email for custom options.

This kit works exactly like our B9 Sedan kit, just optimized to fit the Q5/SQ5. We expect a few extra ponies with stock software, however, we're all patiently awaiting some real software to open all avenues of performance.

So in the mean time, grab this for the glorious turbo sounds of the new 3.0T. I mean, its fantastic. Quiet and relaxed in normal driving, but dynamic/sport/heavy foot, the truck comes to life. For the record, the 2.0T sounds EXTREMELY similar.

I will update with better quality sound clips in a few days, but here's a fun bit from an S4 guy enjoying it. Exuberant swearing at the end of the clip: