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Titan Motorworks

Gyeon Home Decon Kit

$199.00 USD

Past basic washing? Let's jump in.

This kit offers everything you need for a standard decontamination wash. There's enough product to do it at least4 or 5 times.

If you're buying this as a gift, keep in mind some of these products can be used poorly with damaging results. This kit is for the enthusiast who likes to wash their car and knows how to do so, but may go longer times between a proper washing. Aka don't give this to your kid and tell 'em to go wash your car, unless they've expressed Certified YouTube Expert skills. Still on you to make sure they read the directions, haha.

This kit contains:
Our 2-bucket method kit (2x buckets, 2x grit guards)
2x edgeless microfibers
1x cyclone wash mitt
Gyeon Bug and Grime Remover
Gyeon Tar Remover
Gyeon Iron Remover
Gyeon Bathe+
Gyeon Clay Lube
Gyeon Mild Clay
Gyeon WetCoat