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Titan Motorworks

Gyeon Home Wash Kit

$100.00 USD $126.00 USD

The perfect answer to at-home regular washes. 

If you're getting this for someone and YOU don't know what we're talking about, here it is: super easy, super safe, minimalistic but effective, cleaner plus keep-cleaner-longer spray. Should cover like 4 complete cleanings, and be quick to perform.

If you DO know what we're on about:
This kit offers the ability to work the classic two bucket method using a great wash soap and super easy hydrophobic, spray-on rinse-off finishing coat. Gyeon's Bathe+ is effective at cleaning coated and uncoated cars, and offers excellent slickness with just a wash. Gyeon's WetCoat is a sneaky-fancy spray that you'd apply after rinsing off the Bathe+, while the car is wet- then you simply activate it by rinsing the car. You can actually watch the water bead up and slide off, almost negating the need for drying. Pretty sweet. Doesn't last forever, a few weeks in Rochester weather, but its so easy to apply that you can do it whenever you want.

This kit contains two buckets, two grit guards, one wash mitt, two edgeless microfiber towels, one 20"X30" drying towel, one 13.5oz Gyeon Bathe+ bottle, and one 17oz bottle of WetCoat with a sprayer. Bam.