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Titan Motorworks

Gyeon The Big Bucket

$325.00 USD

Alright, welcome. Here's everything you need to satisfy your OCD. This kit covers complete exterior wash, decontamination, ceramic maintenance coat (refresh for existing coatings), localized ceramic detail spray, interior cleaner, glass cleaner, and tire dressing.

This is really, a lot of good stuff for the home enthusiast, and a little more than entry level. If you're new to vehicle self-care, this is the whole enchilada. If you're already in; this is a bunch of quality gear to keep you as immaculate as you want. You can substitute Bathe+ for FOAM if you've got a pressure washer and cannon already - just say the word at pickup.

Kit Contains:

Two Buckets
Two Grit Guards
One Wash Mitt
One Gyeon Wheel Brush
One Gyeon Glass Towel
One Tire Shine Applicator
13.5oz Gyeon Bug and Grime
17oz Gyeon Tar
17oz Gyeon Iron
16.9oz Gyeon Wheel Cleaner
3.5oz Gyeon Mild Clay
17oz Gyeon Clay Lube
13.5oz Gyeon Bathe+ or 33.8oz FOAM
17oz Gyeon WetCoat 
13.5oz Gyeon Cure
13.5oz Gyeon Tire
17oz Gyeon Glass
17oz Gyeon Interior