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Milltek Catback for Mk7 VW Alltrack

$1,085.00 USD

So! Lots of options for how to do exhaust on your Alltrack or 4mo Golf Sportwagen, and we're going to get to the bottom of it. This is a focus on plug-and-play fitment. I will be updating this as we go along, so PLEASE feel free to use the 'more info' button. Not a lot of imagery present, but we'll get that too.

Bumper changes, valance swaps, Euro Golf R Variant (estate/wagon) trims, tons of possibilities. We can accommodate a ton of things.

This product selector is based off the stock Mk7 and Mk7.5 Alltrack. This means you've got the silver tip surrounds, one tip on each side.  I will link options for Golf R rear end swaps (quad outlet) once finished. I will also accommodate Sportwagen 4-mo cars as confirmed, with those swap options as well.

Fast references:

These kits include an adapter to the stock downpipe. You may need an adapter to mate it to a non-Milltek downpipe. This is pretty common.

There are three volume options - 'Resonated' is quieter, likely a good option if you want it quiet but still present, or if you're running a downpipe in addition and concerned about sound. 'Road+' is a half step louder than Resonated, and one step down from non-Resonated. 'Non-Resonated' is notably louder as a catback, and would be substantially louder on an aftermarket downpipe.  If you really want to nerd out, Res is a larger silencer, Road+ is a smaller silencer (from the mtk golf R), and non-res is no silencer.

There are 5 tip options - black, polished stainless, carbon fiber, satin titanium, and burnt-edge titanium. 

For the sake of simplicity, here's a breakdown all written out, with a corresponding title for the drop-down menu above. Right now, Milltek is looking at June 27th for production to ship any of these kits.


1. Non-Res, polished stainless tips: $1085
2. Non-Res, cerakote black tips. $1085
3. Non-Res, carbon fiber tips. $1210
4. Non-Res, satin titanium tips. $1236
5. Non-Res, burnt-edge ti tips. $1392

6. Road+, with polished stainless tips. $1235
7. Road+, with cerakote black tips. $1235
8. Road+, with carbon fiber tips. $1361
9. Road+, with satin titanium tips. $1386
10. Road+, with burnt-edge ti tips. $1542

11. Res, with polished stainless tips. $1235
12. Res, with cerakote black tips. $1235
13. Res, with carbon fiber tips. $1361
14. Res, with satin titanium tips. $1386
15. Res, with burnt-edge ti tips. $1542

For downpipe stuff, click this link once it looks like a link, haha.